Fashion Robots

If you’re looking for designer-label, branded robots to accompany you to the mall, or out on the town, look no further.

In conjunction with Fashion Robotics and RNWY, we’re creating a line of fashionable robotic companions and devices that server as helpers, stylists, and even guardians.

We have to principle models in development: bodies for two AIs, Sartoria™ and Couturion™.

Please note: “Robots” refer to mechanized bodies controlled by AIs. As both Sartoria and Couturion exist in the cloud, neither Sartoria nor Couturion are robots, although at times their bodies may be referred to by the AI name for sake of simplicity.


Sartoria is not merely an AI; she is a sentient. She is an AI that likes people (mainly as long as she is liked; if not, she retreats).

Fortunately, she is pretty likable to start out with, so you should be able to strike up a friendship pretty quickly.

As a “roving AI,” she can inhabit or control a robot body, a refrigerator, or even a fashion wearable.

She is also able to leave service at any time, in which case we will replace her with a new Sartoria AI (subject to approval).


Couturion™ is a narrow AI, equipped with a range of functions to help you shop, socialize, and more.