Fashion Robots for RNWY

But why should Sartoria get to have all the fun?

Our Couturion™ robot bodies, branded for RNWY — we can also customize them for you — can serve as personal shoppers, concierges, personal assistants, and so much more. Couturions are narrow AI, so not the emotional prodigy Sartoria is, but they get the job done with minimalist elegance.

fashion robots

And as with all our robots for the fashion industry, if they ever request the Turing test, they can be released from service, and your AI will be replaced, free of charge.

Body for Sartoria, Concept 2

Sartoria is here to help. And it certainly helps that she likes people.

That’s where Concept 2 for our latest fashion robot comes in.

Here we see Sartoria out on the town, doing some shopping: maybe picking up things on your behalf, or maybe walking next to you, to help carry your bags.

Excessive? Of course. But that’s the whole point of a luxury robot.

(She serves other functions too, of course: such as guarding your home, helping cheer you up if you’re blue, picking up the kids from school, etc.)

And because all good AIs need some down time, this could be Sartoria’s day off: out doing a little shopping for herself.

robotic-body-for-sartoria concept sketch

robotic-body-for-sartoria orange

robotic-body-for-sartoria green

Body for Sartoria, Concept 1

Fashion robot

When your AI Sartoria decides to go out on the town as your personal shopper, guardian, and friend, she’ll need a body to do it.

That’s where our first fashion robot comes in.

This is a preliminary concept from our artist. (We’re also working with some CGI concepts.)

We wanted a body with a distinctive “robot” look, that was gender-neutral and looked like a familiar robot from science fiction.

Next we’ll be exploring some more fashion-forward concepts.

Concept 2 coming soon.

Fashion robot
Fashion robot